An Ever-Evolving Passion – Plush

An Ever-Evolving Passion

Brenda, owner of PlushEver since I was little, I've been interested in crafts and decorating. So it was only natural that I'd be in business creating, crafting and sewing for others.

It all started in 1992 when a family friend taught me how to read a sewing pattern. We went shopping for fabric on a Saturday morning and I was determined to wear my first garment to church the next morning: a skirt suit! I did it! And that began my love for sewing. After making my clothes for several years, I made my first window treatment. From that moment, clothing was history! I haven't sewed a lick of clothing since.

In 1997 I started having others ask me me make draperies, pillows, bedding and other fabric items for their I opened my own business and did just that..among other things like interior design consultation, painting, faux finishing, wallpapering, personal shopping and home name a few. For 10 years I ran my business and was quite successful. But I eventually got burned out. It was labor intensive and I was a one girl gig. I needed a break. So, I shut down my business in 2006 and didn't turn my sewing machine on for the next 5 years.

During those years, I still had creative juices flowing and enjoyed lots of smaller projects for myself, including crafts as well as home improvement projects involving power tools. I've made beds, built a large fish pond with waterfall, fixed toilets, HVAC units and gutted my bathroom to the ground for a complete remodel, which I completed 95% of by myself.

In December of 2011 I wanted to make some pillows for Christmas. So I dusted off my sewing machine and went to was like riding a bike. And I had forgotten how much I enjoyed sewing! This time I had an even new experience with it...not only was it enjoyable and was therapeutic! A creative outlet! I was immediately hooked again.

Since beginning to sew again, I decided to re-open my business with a new name, Plush. This time, however, I left my options open to adding more and more products instead of limiting myself to sewing for the home.

Fast forward another 10 or so years, and Plush has become focused on custom signage! Who would have thought I'd go from sewing to signage!? But, when customers ask for custom products, I tend to say YES and THEN figure out how to make it happen. 
Now, 2024 is here and I'm looking forward to continuing the evolution of Plush. Who knows where it will lead, but custom signage seems to be a staple that will stick around for the long run.