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What is a Group Buy-In?

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A Group Buy-In is where you have the opportunity to purchase an item at a great discounted price by ordering along with others in a group. By purchasing in groups, we can get deep discounts and satisfy minimum order requirements from suppliers.

How Does it Work?

  • Group Buy-Ins run for 5 days, so time is limited to meet the required minimum number of orders
  • When you find an item you want, Pre-Order the item at the discounted price shown! Your Pre-Order reserves the item for you while waiting for the minimum quantity to be met.
  • Each Buy-In has a limited number available, so don't wait to Pre-Order yours before they are sold out!
  • Pre-Orders must be paid in full in order to reserve your item(s). Shipping is charged according to the weight of the item(s) in your Pre-Order.
  • Because of the special pricing, a minimum quantity of Pre-Orders for this item must be received before the Buy-In is "On".
  • Once the minimum quantity is met, the Buy-In is "On" and the items are ordered from the supplier. 
  • Once the items arrive to Plush's studio, I will repackage and ship them out to each person who pre-ordered the item.
  • If the minimum quantity is NOT met, the Buy-In will NOT go through and all Pre-Orders will be refunded back in full. 
  • You will receive notifications via email with updates on any Buy-In that you participate in.

    How fun, right???!!